128 – SD HEX COARSE C4 14-10 X 50
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Head Type: Hex Head
Point Type: Self Drilling
Screw Type: Class 4 Galv
Screw Sizes: 14-10×50
Other Info:

  • Coarse

Self-drilling hex head screw for fastening through mild steel in metal brackets, components, steel sections and assemblies. This screw is an all-rounder with countless applications in the steel construction field, however the coarse thread has a slightly faster install than its fine thread counterpart leading it to have fast installation characteristics. The flanged hex head lends to high pull-out strength and available in both zinc and galvanised coating making them perfect for internal and external applications. ICCONS self drilling hex head screw has a hardened steel point (tek point), and coarse thread enabling the screw to drill and tap its own thread, without the need to pre-drill (please see screw self drilling capacities).

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