Button Head Self Drilling Zinc Clear
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Head Type: Button Head
Point Type: Self Drilling
Screw Type: Zinc Clear
Screw Sizes: 10-16×16
Other Info:

    A coarse thread self drilling button head designed for a range of applications such as fixing light sheeting and cladding that require a flat head underside to allow for greater bearing on the surface material. The coarse thread allows for a slightly faster install, whilst the self drilling point (aka tek point) eliminates the need for pre-drilling (please see screw self drilling capacities). The No. 2 Square drive (positive non-wobble install) accompanied by the button head provides a capable screw with an aesthetic finish. Available in zinc clear finish making this screw suitable to low corrosive dry environments.

    Button Head Self Drilling Zinc Clear – Size: 10G, TPI: 16, Length: 16


    • Flat head for discrete finish
    • Available in both zinc and galvanised finishes (perfect for internal and external applications)
    • No pre-drilling (please see material thickness for drilling capacities)


    • Steel frame construction
    • Applications that need a screw that pre-drills and has a discrete finish

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