Hex Head Type 17 Top Grip C4 Galv
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Head Type: Hex Head
Point Type: Type 17
Screw Type: Class 4 Galv
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  • Top Grip

Type 17 hex head top grip for fastening metal roof sheet to timber battens or other timber substrates. This screw is perfect in steel roof construction where the sharp, fluted (type 17) point can easily drive into timber substrates. The flanged hex head lends to high pull-out strength and a class 4 galvanised coating results in strong corrosion resistance. Top grip thread ensures a secure hold on sheeting and prevents dimpling. ICCONS top grip threaded screws also come with upper shank protection the removes burr, and helps protect the galvanised coating on the upper thread. ICCONS Class 4 galvanised coating leaves little swarf (dust) for a quicker clean-up and high corrosion resistance.

Hex Head Type 17 Top Grip C4 Galv – Size: 14G, TPI: 10, Length: 175
Hex Head Type 17 Top Grip C4 Galv – Size: 14G, TPI: 10, Length: 200
Hex Head Type 17 Top Grip C4 Galv – Size: 14G, TPI: 10, Length: 240


  • 11 TPI for fast and easy installation
  • Upper shank protection removes burrs and helps protect the coating on the upper thread
  • The Type 17 point is a sharp, fluted point offering great timber penetration and drive when accompanied by a coarse biting thread, ultimately allowing for a quicker and cleaner install
  • Available in Class 4 galvanised finish, perfect for external applications
  • High pull-out loads
  • No pre-drilling (some hardwoods may require pre-drilling)


  • Ideal for fastening metal roof sheets to timber battens and other timber substrates

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10G, 14G




175, 200, 240


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