Muro Ejector SS Deck Screw Strip
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Compatible with M-TCH7390K (all screws) and M-TCH7392SFK (screws under 65mm).

The Muro Ejector timber decking screw in a strip is available in class 3 galvanised steel and grade 305 stainless steel and is packed full of features to make any decking jobs a dream! Equipped with an aesthetic countersunk self-embedding head, Torx drive for high torque install (low cam out) and a self drilling point to eliminate the need for pre drilling, even in hardwood. Accompanied by the Muro M-TCH7390K or M-TCH7392SFK strip auto feed tool, this premium decking screw will tackle any decking application with incredible time efficiency and all from the standing up-right position (M-ATTDECK is suggested for perfect screw alignment)! Available in 50mm and 65mm length to accommodate differing deck board thicknesses.

Muro Ejector SS Deck Screw Strip – Diameter: 10, Length: 50mm
Muro Ejector SS Deck Screw Strip – Diameter: 10, Length: 65mm

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50mm, 65mm